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We are looking for streamers!
「INDIE Live Expo 2023」, the indie game information-filled online event, is massively looking for content creators that can simulcast the event!
We would love for anyone to participate as a Partner Simulcaster for the event and enjoy the show together.

We will be providing a Digital Partner Badge/pictures for thumbnail or on screen, and we will of course credit your name on the official website & the stream to anyone that applies until the deadline.

We are also holding a giveaway campaign where 1 lucky participant who did the simulcast,
wins the mobile motion capture【mocopi】!

We are looking forward to having fun with the show together!

■Giveaway Campaign requirements
1. Apply from the form below
2. Simulcast the INDIE Live Expo 2023
3. Answer the survey form we will send to you after the event for us to confirm your simulcast
*Please leave the VOD or post the recording of the simulcast to another platform to keep it visible from INDIE Live Expo.

■Creditting name deadline
Apply from the form below until May 14th at 11:59 P.M. Japan Time

■Event Date
Main Stream  : 2023 May 20th(Sat)  7:00~ P.M. Japan Time
AFTERSHOW: 2023 May 22th(Sun)  7:00~ P.M. Japan Time
*We recommend you to simulcast the Main Stream on May 20th(Sat). All the information on indie games will be revealed there!

■Applying and Participating
・Please simulcast freely as you usually do! Though, as long as you do not distribute information that is defamatory of the INDIE Live Expo or disadvantageous to indie game users. (Like really, REALLY bad stuff! Other than that we are looking forward to everyone seeing all the great indie games!)
・For applying, please enter the necessary information from the form below. Once you send the information, you would be seen as “applied”.
・After you have applied, please check the automated email that will be sent to the address you entered in the form. We will send you further details soon.

* Please note that we may not be able to ship to some overseas countries or regions where our shipping service does not support.
* For those who have already submitted before the campaign, need not to apply. We have your information.
* If you are using domain-specific reception, please add "" to your list of approved domains.
* Please note that the package of mocopi has once been opened for checking purposes.
Fill your name as a streamer. *
In any language you prefer.
Fill your streamer name in English. *
It can be the same as the previous answer.
Fill your company or belonging (If you belong to).
Fill the URLs of your channels of live stream platforms. *
If you have several accounts, please write them as possible.
Fill your account of social media (if you have). *
If you have several accounts, please write them as possible.
We may publish your name or other information on our official website or the live stream. Do you agree with that? *
Select all languages you can use in your stream. If you can use languages besides options, fill them in "other". *
Please provide the URL of an online folder/uploader (like Google Drive) that contains your own icon picture with a size of 500x500. *
Please prepare the URL of the file so that it can be downloaded, which is the day after INDIE Live Expo.
If you have a message to the INDIE Live Expo Board, please write down.
Fill your email address. *
An automatic reply will be sent after you send the information through the contact form. Please make sure that your email client can receive emails from addresses with the "" domain name.
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