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The Road to BUDGETARY BLOCKCHAIN BLISS, is a 2 hour Live Action Role Play adventure for the Blockchain-curious of all tribes: students, hackers, lawyers, activists, artists, financiers, designers, venture capitalists, developers, marketeers. Devised by Ruth Catlow, Furtherfield and Ben Vickers, unMonastery & Serpentine Galleries

By taking part you will adopt a fictional future version of yourself and work with others to solve a real-world problem. You will learn about and build DAOs and Dapps (machine-based organisations and apps on the blockchain) and act out the social discomforts, asymmetries, dramas and politics of collaboration and coalition-formation across difference....starting with the budget!

Fill out this survey to ensure that you are assigned a compatible player character and so increase your chances of achieving your objective - fictionalise at will.

MoneyLab #3 Failing Better Symposium | Workshops | Exhibition Tickets: € 10 per session; € 30 per day, € 60 two day pass Students: 50% discount on all tickets

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