Shake Up Learning Show On-Air Coaching/Lesson Plan Makeover Application

Are you struggling with one particular lesson? One piece of content or skill that's just hard to teach or doesn't seem to work well with technology?

Let me help!

I want to help you with your struggle and find new ways to deliver instruction, facilitate learning, engage students, and integrate technology.

Candidates who are selected will be guests on The Shake Up Learning Show Podcast and agree to share their experiences "on-air," meaning in an audio recording that will be published online for others to listen and learn from you.

Using the form below, tell me about yourself, your students, and your struggle. Let's work together to makeover your lesson, or what I like to refer to as a learning experience!

If your application is selected to move on to the next step in the application process, you will receive an email with special instructions.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone who uses this form should be someone genuinely looking for help with their lessons in a K12 classroom, or help delivering professional learning to K12 teachers.

Anyone who fills out this form with intentions of advertising or self-promotion will be IGNORED! No solicitation!
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Please select the grade level of the lesson plan you want to makeover.
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Please select the grade level of the lesson plan you want to makeover.
Describe the devices available to you and your students. *
Please detail every device, how many of each, and how you currently use in your classroom. Please also let me know if students are allowed to use their own devices.
Does your school have G Suite for Education? *
This means your school issued your Google account. You used your school's Google account to access Drive, Google Docs, or other Google applications. (Note: You do not have to use gmail to be a G Suite for education school.)
Describe the other applications are available to you and your students. *
Please share with me the free and paid software applications that are available for you and your students.
Which of the following best describes your relationship with technology? *
Describe the lesson plan where you struggle. *
Please be as specific as possible. Please use a specific lesson plan or unit, not just general topics. The more information, the better. Describe the topic, content, skills involved, how you have taught it in the past, and where you struggle. Include any links you have to share. (IF THIS IS NOT SPECIFIC, YOU WILL NOT BE SELECTED. Just saying, "I need help with Chromebooks," is not specific enough.)
What are the content learning goals of the lesson? *
What are your technology integration goals for this lesson, or in general, if you aren't sure? *
Have you read Shake Up Learning by Kasey Bell? *
This is not a requirement, but just want to know if you have ready my book, Shake Up Learning: Practical Ideas to Move Learning From Static to Dynamic? This will help me know if you are already familiar with some of my ideas and strategies, like the Dynamic Learning Framework.
Do you agree to allow Shake Up Learning to share this information in an online format to help other teachers learn from your experience? *
Please note that I am doing this for the purposes of helping you and sharing this to help other teachers. If you don't agree to allow this information to be shared, your application will be declined. Don't worry! If you don't want me to share your name, you don't have to!
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