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Welcome! We're excited you're here! This is the form to fill out if you are interested in a short term sublet (<4 months) OR as a long term housemate.

While we've got your attention, we'd like to dispel some possible misconceptions: we aren't a cult, a den of unwashed hippies, or a hacker house; we're just a group of reasonable adults who think that life is happier and more interesting when you're surrounded by people who inspire you, and who intend to explore such a lifestyle for as long as is practical. We're introvert-friendly, have weekly group dinners, organize occasional retreats, engage in ritual bloodletting on the 13th of every month, and host friends and acquaintances for semi-regular potlucks.

We're looking for people who are a values fit (curious, intentional, reliable, benevolent, and driven), who have high emotional competence, and who bring diverse and/or interesting perspectives/ideas/goals to our house. To set expectations, our application process involves 1) this written component and 2) a series of dinners and/or events with us until you've met most of the housemates.

Logistically speaking: we're located near 16th St and Dolores St and our rooms range from $1,350 to $2,500. We also have plenty of bathrooms, a mini-Dolores Park for a backyard, an outdoor home gym, a communal sauna, and a makerspace stocked to the gills with tools.

If any of this sounds like a fit for you, please fill out this form - applications post to our internal Slack, so you can be sure that all of us will eventually read it 🙂
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This will be a longer process that involves meeting many more people in the house.
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