Order "Aphrodite: Encountering the Goddess of Love & Beauty & Initiation" Book -- directly from Irisanya

Thanks so much for supporting my book!

I am going to order books at the start of August and expect to have them in time for the publication date of September 1.

In trying to make this accessible to as many folks as possible, I am offering a sliding scale model. Those who can donate at a higher level will support those who may not be able to right now.

Sliding scale: $10+, pay what you can. If you can not pay, just let me know. This includes US shipping.

(On Amazon, the book retails at $10.95 for the print version.)

ESTIMATED SHIPPING COSTS (for folks who want/need/desire to add that to your payment):

US: $1.80 USD
Canada: ~$9 USD
Australia: ~$12 USD
UK: ~$12 USD

I will need your phone number if you are international.

Thanks so much.

In love and magick,

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If you're local (Santa Rosa, CA and surrounding areas) and want to pick it up, let me know! (Or maybe I can drive it to you!)
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