The EMS Express - Unit 6 Light Review

In order to start the train and keep it moving, you must answer a series of questions correctly. It is important we make sure all these passengers make it to their favorite holidays!
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In order to allow the train to start moving, you must burn some coal in the train's furnace! Sadly, coal is a nonrenewable resource because once we use it up, we will not have anymore! Coal takes around 300 billion years to form!
The super annoying coal man is holding the coal hostage, unless you answer some questions about his favorite form of energy - light energy! What is light energy also known as because it moves in the form of waves and does NOT need a medium to move? *
The coal man squints his eyes and says, "I bet you won't know this one." What is a light wave called? *
The annoying coal man then says "Label the light wave!" *
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Label the light wave! *
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When the wavelength of a light wave decreases or gets smaller, what happens to the frequency of the wave? *
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