Registration: ICTENSW Create and Share Presentations and Demos
Join us in a Zoom interactive session on presenting information in compelling ways. This is even more important during these times where learning has changed and we need to keep our communities together. Whether we are face to face or needing to collect formative assessments, or we want to keep what was good from our time at home and make it better. In this session we’ll show you how to use iPad built-in features to create demos and instructional videos and share them with your colleagues and students. Using Keynote, or any presentation tool, you’ll learn how to record content and create demos on iPad for use with your students. These skill are easily transferred to your laptop presentation tools.
Include any pressing questions or ideas that you would like addressed in your registration on this form. You will be emailed details on how to access the recorded webinar when it is live on the ICTENSW site on the 1st June.
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