Family Style 2018 Tryouts
Welcome to Family Style 2018! You can read more about who we are at the bottom, or skip straight to the part where you give us your number.

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Family's Contact Information
If you need to get in touch with us, you can reach us at
Twitter @playfamilystyle
or go to our FB page for updates.

2018 Statement
Welcome to Family Style Tryouts 2018!

Family Style is a team that values hard work and determination. Performance on the field is something that should come from time and effort off the field, combined with the passion that we believe builds great ultimate. We look forward to building on our Second Place finish at SoCal Sectionals in 2017 and aim to create a space where athletes can grow and improve as frisbee players and teammates.

We believe the team that eats together gels together and seek opportunities to spend quality time with our Family. We value fun, chemistry, and heart. And snacks.

We are supporters of the gender equity movement on and off the field, working to treat all people with fairness and respect, and to approach challenging situations with an open mind.

We look forward to playing and eating with you soon!

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