Female Casting Call
Finding Venus is a body positive documentary that has been funded by the New Zealand Film Commission. It is all about the often bumpy journey to become a woman happy in her own skin.
We are looking to film girls and women for the following scenes in the film:
1. Women, tweens, and teens to be filmed partaking in a fun and playful body positive event being held in the Bulls town hall on the 2nd of June.
2. Those willing to be interviewed about their body stories on Sunday the 3rd.
3. Women brave and honest enough to become part of our body positive exhibition called Everybody is a Treasure (this involves covering yourself in golden clay from neck to belly and being photographed anonymously). Only for those 18 and older.

Please put your details below to be considered for these segments (all events/interviews are free to participate in if selected) Mum's please fill in on behalf of your tweens but be aware that anyone under 18 will need to be accompanied by an adult to the event.

What is your first name?
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What is your last name?
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If you have daughters that want to attend what are their names?
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Best phone number to reach you on
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What is your email address
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What age category do you fall into?
If you have a daughter you would like to participate what age ranges do they fall in to (check all that apply)
Which segment are you interested in? Check all that apply
On a scale of 1-10 with 1 being mostly body shaming and 10 being mostly body treasuring where would you say that your number would be?
Heavy body shaming
Body treasuring
On a scale of 1-10 where do you think your daughters would be if you have any and plan on bringing them?
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Why would it be a good idea to pick you or you and your family to be involved?
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What town do you live in?
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What ethnicity do you or you and your daughters embody?
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