Penn State Pals - 2020 Mentor Application
Penn State Pals is a student-led program created by the International Student Council and the University Park Undergraduate Association which pairs incoming international students with current students at Penn State University's campus (Mentors) to create meaningful mentor-mentee relationships that provide students the opportunity to become acquainted with the United States—specifically their starting campus—throughout their first semester of college. The Penn State Pals Mentors are resources for questions about college life such as classes, finances, sports and athletics, downtown life, and much more.

This form serves as the Mentor application for current students at Penn State. After reviewing the information you provide about yourself, the Penn State Pals team will pair you with an incoming international mentee who shares similar interests. Applicants for a role as a Mentor can expect to receive notification of their acceptance or rejection from the program within one (1) week from the date of this form's submission. Mentors will also be expected to undergo a brief training with the Office of Global Programs before assuming their roles. Please note that your pairing with a mentee is dependent on the number of applicants, so don't be afraid if you're accepted but aren't initially paired with a mentee.

The program's guidelines can be found here:

If you have any questions regarding the application or the program, please contact the Penn State Pals team at

Thanks for your interest in the Penn State Pals program. We look forward to having you as a Penn State Pals mentor!

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