Zenome KYC procedure
Welcome to Zenome patform KYC procedure!

The procedure is necessary for everyone who wants to take part in Zenome token sale, because we adheres to global regulations. There are two main reasons why Zenome is adding KYC. Firstly, the SEC(U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission) is preparing to prosecute Token Sales without KYC procedures. Secondly, cryptocurrency exchanges are beginning to exclude cryptocurrencies that did not implement KYC.

The KYC process has several simple steps. We decided to implement the Know Your Customer process ourselves. It's the only way we make sure the information is used only for the specific purpose of the Zenome token sale.

You will need:

- your ID/passport
- camera (mobile camera is enough)
- some stickers/film to hide sensitive information

You will be guided through all the steps with detailed instructions. All the information will be manually reviewed, after what you will be able to buy ZNA tokens.

Email address *
Your personal information
Country of origin *
First name *
Last name *
Date of birth *
Phone number *
Post adress *
I agree to the terms and conditions https://zenome.io/download/zenome-legal-terms.pdf *
Each contributor has to provide an image (a photo or a scan) of a passport, driver’s license or governmental ID card. Sensitive information should be covered physically at the moment the image is taken. Also in some jurisdictions you have to provide the proof of accredited investor status.
Your passport scan, with sensitive information physically covered *
Your selfie with passport, sensitive information physically covered *
Documents, supporting that you are accredited investor (for all partitioners from US )
Below you need to provide wallet adresses you will use to send BTC/ETH and adress you want to recieve ZNA tokens to
Ethereum wallet (supporting ERC20 tokens), you want to get ZNA tokens to *
BTC adress you are going to use for contribution
ETH adress you are going to use for contribution
Amount of BTC or ETH you are going to send *
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