NORDP RD 101 Facilitation Interest Form
After a successful pilot in 2020, NORDP is now positioning itself to formally launch RD 101 as an more frequent offering to the community.

We are looking for individuals with interest, relevant skills, and instructional abilities to serve as co-facilitators for the next several cycles of the course.

If interested, complete the form below. The facilitation team will reach out to you as they begin to plan their cycle of delivery and improvement of curriculum. If you're not contacted immediately, take heart! We are keeping this list as a reference and your information will be kept as part of a pool for facilitators.

If you want to help, but perhaps not facilitate - let us know that too!
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Going forward, with regards to RD 101, what would you like to assist with?
We will ask you to participate in a facilitator training prior to the actual course. Please tell us when you'd be available to participate.
Briefly describe your relevant experience.
What special skills, knowledge, or abilities would you bring to RD 101?
Thank you!
Thanks so much for telling us about your interest. We'll be in touch as we move forward with RD 101. You are what make NORDP a wonderful community.
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