Do you want to be a part of the turquoise family? Volounteer at Roots&Hybrid Festival 2019
Are you knew to the Roots&Hybrid Festival? Then WELCOME :) We try our best to make the experience of volounteering at our festival really good and we look forward to get to know you.

Are you one of the "old ones"? Then WELCOME back :) We are really happy that you want to join again and we are excited to create new wonderful festival moments together.

As a volounteer at Roots&Hybrid Festival you get:
1) A ticket for Roots&Hybrid Festival and SPOT Festival
2) A t-shirt that you get to keep after the show is over
3) Of course food and beverages during your shift
4) Really nice prices at the bar and on our food when you are not on a shift.

When you have filled out this form you will receive a welcome e-mail with further information.

At Roots&Hybrid festival we will have the following volounteer teams: Bar, grill, door/tickets, stagehand, runner and procuction. As a volounteer at Roots&Hybrid we expect you to join us for 8 hours during the festival or 16 hours before and/or after the festival. If you would like to volounteer with a friend please just right it in this form - We will make sure that you get a shift together.

As a volounteer in the bar you will be making sure that the beer, tea and food is handed over the counter with a smile and at the right price.

In the grill you will have the great responsibility of grilling the famous cevapcici sausages to just the right temperature and crisp.

As a runner your main task will be making sure that our venue looks nice and clean. There will also be quite a few ad hoc tasks that you can help solve.

As part of the production team you will be helping before and/or after the festival days - that means between the 29th of April until the morning on the 2nd May or the 5th and 6th May. You will get a chance to help build our big venue up from scratch and put your touch on it. As part of the production you do not work during the festival and that means that you can see all the music you want to - And therefore we ask that you help for 16 hours.

The door/ticket team will be selling tickets and be the first nice people the audience meet when the enter.

As a stagehand you help keep the backstage area clean and make sure the fridges are filled and that the musicians get the food and the beverages they have requisted.

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1. Personal data
When you sign up as a volounteer at det turkise telt for Roots&Hybrid Festival you have to provide some personal information. Those are:
- Name
- Phone number
- E-mail
- Clothing size

2. Data responsibel and data processer
The data responsible is det turkise telt. As data responible det turkise telt has the responsible of collecting, store and process your information in accordance with applicable law.
Det turkise telts data processors process personal information in regards to the data processing agreement. Det turkise telts are obliged to process your information in confidentiality.
3. The purpose of collecting your personal information
Det turkise telt collects personal data for the following tasks:
*Coordination and planning of activities and tasks for the volounteers in relation to det turkise telts projects.

Det turkise telt only processes personal data, when it is necessary and relevant for the above mentioned tasks.
Personal data will be deleted by det turkise telt after one year.

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5. Your rights as a registered
*The right to know what information is collected and how it is processed.
*The right to have insight in what informations are being processed electronically.
*The right to say no to your personal data being processed electronically.
*The right to have the data that we have collected deleted if they are not true or deceptive.

You can read more about the privacy act on

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As a member of det turkise telt you can get a say in what we do, what kind of concerts we make, who we work with and why. You will receive a monthly newsletter and you will have a vote at the yearly GM.
To become a member you will have to pay a yearly contigent of 25 kr. Do you wish to be a member we will send you an email with instructions.
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Do you want to take on a little more responsability and make sure that everything runs smoothly? Then maybe you would like to be a bar boss or a kitchen boss?
*Bar boss*

As a bar boss you will have the responsibility for the bar and the kitchen during your shift. The tasks will involve
- Creating a nice vibe behind the bar
- Coordinating the volounteers that means making sure that there is enough people behind the different bars
- Make sure that the fridges are filled and that we have enough food and beverages in our storage room.

There will be two bar bosses on every shift and before the shift begins you and Aske, our project manager, will arrange how the responsibilities will be shared.
Before the festival, our project manager Aske will invite you to a talk about what the different tasks involve. Here you will also get to say hi to everyone else - All to make sure that everything runs smoothly when we get to the festival.

Do you want to take on a little more responsability and make sure that everything runs smoothly? Then maybe you would like to be part of the bar boss team.
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