2020 Artist Survey - The Arts Commission
The Arts Commission seeks input from artists at all career stages, from all areas of the greater Toledo region. We want to learn how artists have been affected by the pandemic, what artists need to thrive in the Toledo area, and how The Arts Commission can better support local artists.

This is an anonymous survey, and all questions are optional. The survey will be open for responses through September 15, 2020. Please complete the survey only once.

Following the survey, there is an opportunity to sign-up to receive information on The Arts Commission's opportunities for artists.

Questions? Contact Jordan Buschur, Artist Services Manager: jbuschur@theartscommission.org

Residence ZIP code
Do you have studio space outside of your home?
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If yes, ZIP code for the studio space?
If you rent a studio space outside of your home, how much rent do you pay monthly?
How long have you lived in the Toledo area?
How long have you been making art?
What is your highest level of education?
Do you have formal educational training in your artistic area?
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If yes, what is your highest degree in your artistic discipline?
Where do you identify in your artistic career?
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What is your primary artistic discipline?
On average, how many hours pre Covid-19 did you spend on your artistic practice per week?
Has the amount of time spent on your artistic practice changed since the pandemic?
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On average, how many hours per week do you spend on your artistic practice since the pandemic began?
Have you used your artistic practice to help your community during this time? If so, please describe below.
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