Girls’ Ramadan Quran Competition
Competition Rules:

1. Contestants must memorize the entire Surah in order to compete.

2. Registration forms and fee ($5)

3. No contestant can compete in memorizing a Surah that they have previously memorized.

4. Younger contestants can select a higher level according to their abilities, but not a lower a level.

5. Older contestants may NOT enter a level lower than their age group.

6. Judging will be based on memorization, Tarteel, and pronunciation

7. In case of a tie, the judges will ask for the meaning of the Surah.

For any questions please contact:
Competition Levels:
Level 1: Surat Qaaf (Age 6-8)
Level 2: Surat Faatir (Age 9-12)
Level 3: Surat Al-Ankabout (Age 13-16)
Level 4: Surat Hajj (Age 17-25)
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