Dungeonesque Survey
We'd love to get your feedback on a few quick questions. Thanks you for participating!
We are creating a private group on social media for the Dungeonesque Red Box RPG beta. Which type of social media do you prefer?
For the White Box version of Dungeonesque, do you like our planned Parchment look for the box, or would you prefer pure white?
When we offer a physical box set in the future, would you potentially be interested in buying a copy?
If we sell a pad of blank character sheets, which size pad would you prefer?
For adventures you might run using Dungeonesque, do you prefer only Fantasy, or would you like to have some adventures include science fiction themes?
(Think 'S3 Expedition to the Barrier Peaks' if you're familiar with that 1st Edition D&D module)
Is your mailing address in the United States?
If you're outside the U.S., what country are you in?
This will help us understand mail and distribution costs.
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Did you pledge money to the recent 'Dungeonesque Red Box RPG' Indieogogo crowdfunding campaign?
Anything special you'd like to see in the Dungeonesque Red Box RPG?
Let us know your ideas! Anything from random tables to types of art.
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