Jaymin Eve's Ballgowns and Books Event Pre-Order Form
Thank you for pre-ordering books by Jaymin Eve for Ballgowns and Books Event happening February 1st, 2020 in Sydney, Australia!
Prices for books are as follows:
$14 each or $12 each for three or more books ordered.
Form will close on December 5th to give time to get books ordered and shipped before the event. Invoices are due by December 15th and will be sent after the form closes.
If you have any questions, please message Jaymin's author page on Facebook or email her at jaymineve@gmail.com.
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Personalised or just signed? (If personalised, what name do I make it out to?) *
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Email address for PayPal invoice: (invoices will be sent out sometime in December. You have until December 15th to pay in full) *
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Which books would you like? (If you'd like more than one copy of the same book, you can note that at the bottom of this form). *
Notes/comment! (Here you can note if you want more than one copy of a specific book. If you want a special message inside. If you want the books signed to different names).
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