I'm a Wilmette Fair Employer!
We know many Wilmette businesses already pay their eligible workers at least $10 an hour and offer paid sick leave or the equivalent in paid time off. To thank them, we are creating a Fair Employer Honor Roll of local businesses. We will publicize this Honor Roll to the community and encourage the public to support these businesses.

We are accepting registrations for the Fair Employer Honor Roll of employers who are voluntarily giving eligible employees a $10/hr minimum wage and earned sick leave or paid time off. If you need help determining who is an eligible employee or if you’d like more details on the ordinances, you can visit our website at https://WilmetteJusticeTeam.com. (For instance, workers under 18 and training programs are exempted from the minimum wage laws.)

When we have reached a critical mass for Wilmette businesses on the Fair Employer Honor Roll, we will promote the list, with early adopters highlighted as a token of appreciation for leading the way.
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