Mama Bonnie Walters Youth Entrepreneurship Training Program for Mwanza
The program aims to facilitate hands-on entrepreneurship learning and discovery. It is designed so that trainers
and students embark on a journey together, where trainers facilitate the development of business ideas, practical
application of concepts and tools, and ultimately, the realization of a small business. It is best to implement the
training program over several weeks in order to develop knowledge at an even pace while exploiting the benefits
of learning through hands-on application. However, it can also be taught in a condensed form during an
abbreviated period as well.
The program consists of a series of lessons promoting not only basic business skills development but also the life
skills necessary to succeed as an entrepreneur in Tanzania. The training program mixes hands-on, community-

based activities with a traditional training session format. The following list introduces the contents of each
Lesson 1 lays out a basic understanding of entrepreneurship and the traits of a successful entrepreneur.
• Lesson 2 helps participants to self-identify existing entrepreneurship resources within the community
• Lessons 3, 4, 5, and 6 are dedicated to teaching the program Five-Step Feasibility Study Process. The
process helps participants to self-identify existing entrepreneurship resources within the community and
sets expectations for the rest of the program.
• Lesson 7 examines the realities of entrepreneurs in local communities, how to work in teams and gives
participants the opportunity to make a presentation in front of the group.
• Lesson 8 introduces basic marketing practices.
• Lesson 9 provides a simple method of accounting practices with hands-on exercises.
• Lesson 10 provides participants with tools to self-identify personal and community resources to initiate
their businesses, including information on Micro-Finance Institutions.
• Lesson 11 teaches how to assemble the essential parts of a business plan
• Lesson 12 helps participants develop an action plan to start their business by writing goals and
objectives, assigning roles and developing a timeline for starting up the project.
• Lesson 13 provides time to reflect on what participants have learned and to award certificates

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