Umbrella Audio - The Acoustic Umbrella
This form aims to determin the target market for our new product the Acoustic Umbrella.

What is the Acoustic Umbrella?

The Acoustic Umbrella is a purpose-built acoustic panel array designed to encapsulate the listener in acoustic treatment to provide a stable listening environment. This will allow users to mix with increased accuracy as it will lower the levels of room reflections and standing waves. We wanted the product to be easy to use in small spaces (Student accommodation) making is collapsible to it can be stored away.
Do you have acoustic treatment in your workspace already? *
If you chose "Yes" what acoustic treamtnet do you have? E.g. pannels, foam, bass traps, ect.
How important do you think acustic treatment is? *
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A must have
How much would you be willing to pay for acoustic treatment? Consider the average cost for acoustically treating a room properly is over £1000. *
Have you ever used any room correction software like Sonarworks reference 4 that pairs with a reference microphone?
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What type / types of music do you produce? *
Do you use headphones, or monitors to mix or a combination? *
Do you use your workspace for mixing, recording or both?
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