Wildflower 2019 Club/Team/Organization Sign-ups
This program is designed to benefit triathlon teams, clubs, fitness clubs/gyms or organization as a whole who bring their members to Wildflower. The program also offers exclusive discounts to individual members for being part of a club.

We are offering tiered race discounts based on club participation which individuals can use at the time of registration at a silver, gold and platinum level.

In addition, we will have club rewards each month and benefit programs that are tailored to clubs that are wanting to achieve the community experience at the event.

To register your club, fill out and submit a club enrollment form.

Once submitted, Wildflower will create a custom Active.com registration discount link for you to distribute to your group. We will also add your club name to the drop menu on the Active.com registration page.

Members should make sure to choose your club name when registering so we can record registrations to help your group get credit and receive additional benefits.

When they choose your group/club during registration, members will also be added into the race weekend Club & Team Competition, in addition to their age category.

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Providing us your logo will allow us to help promote your groups involvement in Wildflower and we will add it to our website. (https://www.wildflowerexperience.com/get-involved/teams-clubs/)
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