LEGIT Summer Internship Program
Thank you for your interest in the LEGIT Summer Internship Program powered by San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce. This program is for high school sophomores and juniors to gain experience in areas that interests them. LEGIT stands for Leadership, Experience, Groundwork, Instruction, Training -- all things that we expect you to learn and/or gain over the summer. To get started, please complete the following application. Based upon the information you provide, we will do our best to place you with a participating organization that fits your interests. While every application is important to us, there is a possibility that not every applicant will be selected for our program.
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Only students entering their sophomore or junior year in the fall of 2019 are eligible
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Animal Shelter - City of San Marcos
City Clerk - City of San Marcos
Hays County Food Bank
Main Street - City of San Marcos
San Marcos School District
Youth Services - City of San Marcos
San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce
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