Exotic Lunch 2.0 校園生活聊一聊
We invite you to prepare one dish (from your culture your country), bring it, share and enjoy with us!
Besides, let's talk about your campus life.
Whether good or bad, don't be shy just Spit it out!

Time: 2nd January 2021, Tuesday 1:00 p.m.~3:00 p.m.(12:50 Registration)
Venue: B158, College of Environmental Studies
Registration deadline: 31th December 2020, Thursday 11:50 p.m.
Organizer: A World Project

-----To-Bring List-------
1. One dish (from your culture your country)
2. Utensils (for others)
3. Food container & utensils (for yourself)
4. Short introduction of the dish you prepare
5. Happy-Go-Lucky Mood :)

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If you have any question: 410814234@gms.ndhu.edu.tw
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