When sparks fly between you and your partner, Students for Sexual Health is to help! The order form will close on November 15th, filled on November 18th, and mailed out on November 19th.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Your name and contact information will only be used for mailing purposes. Our packages are shipped in blank envelopes via USPS.

Deliveries are made every other week. All orders are 100% free and will be filled using either your student mailbox or your off-campus mailing address, so just check your mailbox for your order! Condom preferences are considered only if you have a latex allergy and require non-latex condoms. Please place your order by the Thursday before delivery.

In order to provide these FREE resources to you, our program is sustained solely by the service of our volunteers and our limited supply of resources donated by public health grants. Please be considerate of our time, energy, and limited supplies when placing your orders and refrain from ordering resources for individuals other than yourself or wasting our precious resources on non-contraceptive purposes.

DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible for the integrity of your packages. If the package seems to be damaged in any way, do not use the contained resources. However, do let us know and we will send you a new one!

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Would you like to register for a RubberHub subscription? Please enter your NON-BOSTON COLLEGE EMAIL. This will send you an order of 3 condoms and 3 packets of lubricant every two weeks until the end of the semester. (If you have already given us your email for a subscription and received one, you do not need to fill this form out again.)
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