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Babble Magazine is the student-edited journal of extraordinary, perhaps uncanny written and visual works concocted within the brutal walls of Meyerson Hall at PennDesign.

With your submissions we hope to hear your thoughts and interpretations on the work going on here at PennDesign. We do not wish to hear about the prompt your professor put forward, we are looking to learn about how you view them through your own lens. Whatever form this may take, be it papers, lists, photographs, film stills, projects, ideas, tips, provocations, critiques, drawings, sketches, manifestos, recipes… we are looking forward to discussing it with you.

Our mission is to provide an open platform for the distribution and dissemination of thoughtful and provocative ideas found at a specific moment in time. Babble is more than murmuring, it is an ongoing record of the diverse passions, voices and interests that comprise our school.

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