Global Youth Letter 4 COP26 - Survey Questionnaire - Bangladesh
Pre-COP26 (Milan - 30 Sept - 2 Oct) and COP26 (Glasgow 1-12 Nov 2021) - Lets create a Youth HyperVoice
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Survey Questionnaire
Climate perceptions, attitudes, challenges and readiness – Global Youth Letter
Climate Change is one of the biggest threats facing the World today. This year there will be the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26 – Glasgow 1-12 November) a summit that will bring parties together to accelerate action towards reducing climate impact. There will also be a youth summit called Pre-COP26 in Milan (30 Sept – 2 October). The CIC team believe all sections of the community should have a voice and the right to have that voice heard. Especially young people, who will inherit the future! We know that the solutions to any communities’ challenges must come from within that community. This is the reason the research team is requesting you to kindly complete this survey - so we can reflect your, and other young people’s views, from across the World at Pre-COP26 and COP26 and ensure the Youth Voice is heard loud and clear. We can assure you that your data will be anonymized (nobody will be able to identify any person completing this survey) but by completing the survey you will be ensuring your Voice is added to all those other Global Young People demanding change and action on climate change. The Global Youth Voice Team Thanks You for your time and commitment to action on climate change and helping us understand how young people feel about Climate Change and the action being taken by governments and global leaders. .
1. Your views
Please be honest and feel free to express all your views and ideas no matter how radical
Do you think the youth voice on climate change is being heard? Please select one option. *
What is most the most important message that the youth need to communicate about climate change? *
2. Demographics
Select your gender *
Select Your Age Group *
Province/State/Zone of residence please add *
Would you consider your area of residence to be *
Current occupation/job type *
Do you Speak English, if Yes please answer the next questions *
3. Perception and Attitudes
Select what you feel are the top three most important issues for youth in today’s world *
If you selected "other in the previous question please add here:
What do you think climate change is? please add *
Select the three most common sources through which you hear most about climate change *
If you selected "other in the previous question please add here:
What do you think are the top three most common occurring climate change issues have you observed in your area? *
If you selected "other in the previous question please add here:
Do you think climate change will be the biggest threat to your country in coming times? *
In your view how can climate change issues be addressed in your community? Please add *
What is the most powerful tool that can be used to address climate change? *
If you selected "other in the previous question please add here:
Do you use social media *
If you answered yes to the last question, please answer the next three question
Social media is a good source of information for learning about climate change and related issues *
If you use social media which three of the following digital information mediums do you trust as most reliable in providing accurate information regarding climate change? *
How has social media changed the way you think/feel about climate issues? *
Skills and Resource
Do you feel you have the skills to address climate change in your community? *
Are you able to communicate with other young people about your feelings associated with climate change? *
Do you feel you could be a community leader for driving action on climate change in your community? *
Do you feel that country leaders alone can address issues of climate change? *
How do you think young people can influence climate change action? *
Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with the statements below:
I am familiar with the UN 2030 Sustainability Goals? *
I am familiar with the UN 2030 Sustainability Goals and how they are applied in climate change context? *
I am worried about the effects of climate change *
I feel that my opinions on climate will matter *
I feel that young people play a critical role in climate action *
I am familiar with COP26 and the issues it will cover *
The state and government in my country consider climate to be a serious issue *
I feel that getting knowledge and helping others to understand climate change and related threats is our public responsibility *
I can access information about events and developments in my community *
4. Challenges and Readiness
Have you ever participated in any climate change awareness session *
Have you ever participated in any climate change mitigation/action activity *
In your opinion which of the three challenges below are most responsible for restricting youth participation in climate action in your country? *
Have you ever experienced/encountered with any climate change impact incident? *
If yes, select the type of incident that you experienced/ever affected by
Clear selection
If you selected "other in the previous question please add here:
Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with the statements below:
I have learned enough about the local climate threats *
I am engaged in community development activities (e.g., environmental cleanliness, road planning, business development, etc.) *
I am taking practical steps to protect my community/peers/family *
I can use digital technology efficiently to create awareness and educate and influence peers against the climate posed threats *
I can play a role as awareness agent on climate change if appropriate knowledge is provided to me *
Would you be interested in participating in a digital interview, with one of the team? If yes please indicate your interest on one of the social media platforms:
Clear selection
This is the end of the survey so is there anything else you would like to add and/or a message to the team aiming to capture the view of young people on climate change? *
Please consider giving more focussed input visit Thank you for your time *
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