The Boho Culture Fair 2018
Theme: Bohemian Fshion
Open Date : October, 2018

You must be responsible to monitor and read all the information.


✧Each designer will have to make a one (01) exclusive release for this event.
✧Each merchant must rez 1 gift using the Gift Bag in your booth. This must be set to .:Fair Lovers Or Hunters:.
✧All the gacha machines, are located in an exclusive sector, Purchase the number of extra gacha machines (a maximum
of 3) you wish to have at the event.
✧ You can take one Box in space named bazaar - (ONLY 1 BOX FOR STORE)
This Box Are limited if you dont see more available please ask to our team. The item no need be new The discounted
price (price range: 25-75 L $) for these items is exclusive for the duration of the event.
✧You need to have an open space to receive the group event
✧Landmark, calendars, boards will be sent by the group - The Event & Hunt Team

✧ Sponsor Space - ( 120 prims & 1 Gacha Machine - booth located at the land point )7000 L$ Limited
✧ Gacha Premiun - (Only one Gacha Machine located at the land point) 3000 L$ Limited
✧ Regular Space ( 70 Prims & 1 Gacha Machine - booth located around the sim )- 3550 L$
✧ Small Cart: ( 25 Prims -booth located around the sim )- 1850 L$- Limited

➽ The Gacha Premiun

To apply to this space you should consider the following pre-requisites:

➽ The designer must be content creator or his designs for the gacha must be original.

➽ Must create minimum 8 common products and 1 rare

➽ The maximum price per play will be 100 L$,this does not mean that all the machines must be set at that price, the minimum price per move will be 25 L $

➽You can only buy max two machines per brand.

➽ The brands present in this area will not be allowed to apply to other machines in the regular area or to the bazaar boxes. If you wish to apply to that area you should apply to regular space or kiosks

TheBohoCultureFair Resident- CEO & CFO Founder The Event Hunt Planner
Fiorella Clarity- COO Founder
CrissHoney Violet-COO Founder
Annet Banx- CMO & CIO The Event Hunt Planner

* Important:

No refunds are made, please take your time to read the application and confirm your space only if you are sure to participate

Items that violate the TOS shall not be allowed (is forbidden to use pictures that have copyrights). If found during the event any item that is disagree with the rules of LindenLab, the object is returned immediately and without prior notice.

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Extra Gacha Machines
please pay your pack directly in the office
The fee should be paid only after your participation is confirmed
payments should be to TheBohoCultureFair Resident
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