Super Sparrow Big Game Football Pool
What we get: $20 donation towards The Sparrow Fund's grant fund for each of the 100 blocks available for a total of $2000 raised to support adoptive families. Awesome.

What you get: An added incentive to watch the Super Bowl on February 5th, an opportunity to trash talk your block pool opponents for no other reason except to have fun, an opportunity to win one of four donated amazingly addictive and life-changing Lancaster Stroopie Co. gift baskets worth over $100 each, all while knowing you supported a good cause. Awesome.

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We've got a goal of raising $2,000 though this deal. If all 100 blocks get snagged, we've scored. To donate, you can (1) send money via PayPal to or (2) make a donation by clicking on "DONATE" from Tell us here how you donated:
As we get notified of this completed form and your donation, we'll send you instructions about how to pick the block you want. It's just fun and random, but why not pick yourself which of those 100 blocks you want to claim as your own. After all, there are Stroopies at stake here.
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