Mini grid detailed costs
Mini grid project name *
(e.g. Asia, Africa, etc.)
Latitude, Longitude
(e.g. 48.534462, -119.91431)
company name
In operation since (year)
Exchange rate at appraisal
PV module cost ($)
PV module structure cost ($)
Cabling cost ($)
Charge controller cost ($)
Solar inverter cost ($)
(answer only if system is AC-coupled)
Genset cost ($)
Battery inverter cost ($)
This is the inverter between the DC (battery) bus and AC loads.
Battery cost ($)
Monitoring system cost ($)
Energy Management System cost ($)
Power house cost ($)
LV distribution wires cost ($)
LV distribution poles cost ($)
Number of distribution poles
Public lighting cost ($)
Smart meter & service connections cost ($)
Customer systems cost ($)
this includes expenses such as household wiring and readi-boards.
Project development cost ($)
Logistics cost ($)
Installation of generation plant ($)
Installation of distribution network ($)
Total installation ($)
Total fuel cost ($/yr)
Staff cost ($/yr)
Other O&M cost ($/yr)
Total OPEX ($/yr)
Management model
Number of customers
Distribution line type
Length of distribution network (km)
Average energy delivered (kWh/day)
Renewable energy fraction (%)
(express as decimal -- e.g. 50% = 0.5)
Hours of service per day
PV capacity (kWp)
PV module type
PV brand
PV warranty (years)
Couping type
PV inverter kW
(only if AC coupled)
PV inverter brand
PV inverter warranty (years)
Charge controller kW
Charge controller brand
Charge controller warranty (years)
Diesel genset kVA
Battery inverter kVA
Battery kWh
Battery Ah per cell
Battery number of cells
Battery voltage
Battery type
Battery brand
Battery warranty (years)
Monitoring system brand
Monitoring system warranty (years)
Power house area (square meters)
Battery inverter brand
Battery inverter warranty (years)
Genset brand
Genset warranty (years)
EMS brand
EMS warranty (years)
Smart Meter Brand
Smart Meter Warranty
Single project or multiple mini grids installed?
Greenfield or brownfield?
Distribution line NOT included in CAPEX
Public lighting included
Powerhouse a building or a shipping container
Standards used in mini grid development
(please provide url link to standard if available)
What is your biggest need as a mini grid developer?
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