2018 Badminton Wellington Membership via being a Winter Club member.
By joining a Winter club recognised by BW and once the full subscription is paid this entitles you to be:

1. Recognised as a BW member.
2. This membership is valid 1 March 2018 to 28 February 2019.
3. Entitles you to purchase for $20.00 a BW Membership card (this is a one off payment for the life of the card).
4. If you have a BW member card or light card we are able resurrect it so you can use it at member rates etc.
4. If you choose not to take up the membership card offer, you are entitled to the Member benefits on the condition you
complete and submit this form.
5. Once the form is submitted a BW Member account will be made up for where you are recognised and able to receive
the Member benefits.
6. Failure to complete and submit this form (in a timely fashion after paying your full sub) will result in you not being
recognised as a BW member nor will you be entitled to any of the member benefits.
7. Once this form is complete staff can set up your account/card details and have ready for you next time you come in.

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Membership benefits for those joining via a Winter club (BW Club Member)
Discounted rates for court hire as per below. (Non card holders will not be able to book and play outside Pro-shop hours, refer website for Pro-Shop hours).
Off-Peak. $19.00 per hour. All day Friday, Monday to Thursday 6.00am to 6.00pm plus Saturday and Sunday 6.00am to 6.00pm.
Peak. 6.00pm to 11.30pm. $25.00 per hour. (Except Friday's which are Off-Peak for the entire day).
A BW Club Member will have a Court booking account set up for them, so when you book or want to play the Pro-Shop staff can charge you member rates.
If you wish to have the BW membership card this will cost $20.00 and is a one of payment for the life of the card.
Returning members with a card will have their card updated, new sticker supplied to identify them as a current member and details confirmed once this form has been completed and submitted
BW Club Membership account holders (i.e. do not have a card) still receive the $20.00 credit on their account
BW Club Members receive 1 - FREE re-string. This will be noted on their account records.
BW Club Members receive a 10% credit onto their Membership accounts when buying rackets and shoes that are not already discounted or on sale. The credit awarded to the Membership account is equal to 10% of the cost of the racket or shoes that are NOT already on sale or discounted. The discount is not in cash
BW Club Members are Exempt from the Annual Admin fee of $10.00
Other discounts or promotions will be made available to members. e.g. December Top up $200.00 and receive a bonus $100.00 credit as an example of a promotion offered in 2016 and 2017.
BW Rules
Members must be present for the entire duration of their court hire.
Your card is yours and can not be shared and loaned to others or used to book courts for others to play on in your absence
You may book courts with your card and have others join you and play.
You are entitled to turn on 1 court only at a time
You need sufficient credit on your card to book your court
If you call/e-mail to book a court and have insufficient credit we can book your court but it will be at non member rates
When at the facility you need to book your own courts at the booking kiosk behind court 4. If you wish Pro-shop staff to book for you they will charge that booking at non-member rates
Your card may be suspended in the case of improper use or your card charging rate changed to Non-member if you have loaned or booked courts for others when absent
No animals permitted in the facility
The last person exiting the facility is responsible to ensure alarm is set and ALL exit doors are closed (includes emergency exit doors).
Please ensure any rubbish, used shuttles etc that you have generated are put in the appropriate receptacles.
BW is not responsible or liable for personal accidents or injuries sustained or for any loss, theft or damage to goods or participants.
BW may hold you liable for damage that may have arisen from negligent use or leaving the premises unsecured. Especially if a security guard is called out, that call out fee could be passed on.
Stay well clear of the courts while the shuttle is in play, when not playing. i.e. while moving around the facility. It is dangerous to be too close to the rear of the court during a rally as the players will not know you are there and may hit you while going for the shuttle.
Do not lean on the net, pull down the net or shake hands over the net and pull the net down. The nets are not overly robust and should be at a certain height. Pull and leaning on the net will compromise this and damage the nets and fittings.

While playing
If your shuttle lands on an adjoining court during play, wait for that rally to finish on that court before retrieving it. Do not interrupt their rally to get it back.
You should call your own faults, such as the shuttle hitting your body, the shuttle nicking your racket or double hits between you and your partner.
It is disrespectful to hit a grounded shuttle to the opposition like a field hockey player nor is it good for the shuttle
You make the line calls for shuttles landing on your side of the court and have no say in calling the shuttle in or out when it lands in the opposition half of the court.
When the shuttle lands on your side of the court and you are unsure whether it was in or out, etiquette dictates that you call the shuttle in, deliver the shuttle to the opposition and continue the game. If you are sure the shuttle landed out, inform the opposition it was "out" and get ready to serve or your partner serve the next rally.
You have no right to question or argue a shuttle landing in or out in the opposition half of the court. Similarly, your opposition will not argue about shuttles landing on your side of the court.
If you hit the shuttle into the net it is your responsibility to quickly retrieve the shuttle and pass it to your opponent. However, this does not preclude your partner getting the shuttle should they be closer. If you are the opponent and closer to the shuttle, it is friendly to get the shuttle yourself especially if in closer proximity to the shuttle than the opposition.

Terms and Conditions
All details provided are true and correct
I am over 18 years of age (if not this document needs to be counter signed by parent/legal guardian who agrees to be subject to these terms and condition)
I understand that this card is not transferable and I will not let anyone use it while I am not present nor will I book a court for anyone else in my absence.
Membership entitles the holder only to the member benefits outlined earlier
I understand that should I have insufficient funds on my card I will not be able to book a court. (Please ensure you have enough credit for your booking)
If my card is lost or stolen, I will inform Badminton Wellington Immediately
In the event a replacement card is required, I will be charged $20.00. This amount can not be paid using credit on the membership/light card
I understand that credit on this card/account is non refundable and non transferable.
This account/card will be charged an annual $10.00 admin fee each year when it is not recognised as a BW member card/account. This deduction will continue until the holder asks for the card/account to be terminated.
3 months after the membership has expired, the account will revert back to a Light card and bookings charged at the Non member rate. The credit will remain on the card.
If a card is inactive for 2+ years it will be moved into "Deleted Members" file and all credit will be forfeit plus the account will be charged Annual Admin fees till the owner cancels the card.
I understand that, on rare occasions BW may require a court that i have booked. When this does happen, BW has the authority to cancel the booking or move the booking to another court. Badminton Wellington will make every effort to notify me in advance should this occur.
I understand that if any of the above conditions are breached my card may be deactivated and I may lose any credit remaining on the card/account.
I will abide by the Terms and Conditions as outlined.
By having this account/membership I agree to the terms and conditions as outlined *
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