Email Distribution Request Form
As officers of the Hawaii Republican Party, district and precinct chairs can request to send an email blast to their district members on the Party’s email list. The email blast must be related to the mission of the HRP:

"The mission of the Hawaii Republican Party is to elect committed Republicans to federal, state and county offices by identifying Republican voters, recruiting and supporting dedicated Republican candidates, and effectively turning out the Republican vote." (HRP 2015-2016 Action Plan)

Approved email content are as follows:
• State/District/Precinct meeting announcements (e.g. district meeting date, time, and location)
• State/District/Precinct event announcements (e.g. State Convention)
• General Party announcements (e.g. HRP announcing a new Vice Chair)
• State/District/Precinct report (e.g. a report from HD 00 about the district meeting held on 4/15/16)

Request Process:

1. Requestor must fill out a request form on and include the email blast date, district number for the email blast, and reason for the email (e.g. “To announce a district meeting”)
2. Requestor must provide an email address because all email blasts will look like it is coming from the requestor - (e.g. From: Marcia Tagavilla (
3. A draft email must be emailed to with a subject line (e.g. District 00 meeting scheduled for 4/15/16) related to the email content.
4. Once a requests has been received, the requestor will receive a test email in their inbox with the subject line “subject: [Test]”. The requestor must reply to this email test and approve the email before the email is sent out.

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