Volunteer Sign-up - Down on the Farm 2018
Thank you for your interest in helping out at this year's Down on the Farm Festival. Here is some more information about volunteering:

Volunteers will work one 5-hour shift during the festival. Locations may include the front gate, parking, or other locations as needed.

In return, volunteers will receive:
- One weekend pass for Down on the Farm 2018
- A volunteer t-shirt
- One free meal ticket for during your shift

**Please note: A deposit of $80 (paid through PayPal) is required to volunteer. Your deposit will be due within 7 days of receipt, and will be refunded to you via Pay Pal after completion of your shift(s), within 2 weeks after the festival.**

Please fill out the information below to apply.

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Any previous festival volunteer or security experience? If so explain:
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Do you have first aid training or are you an EMT?
Do you have experience coordinating a green team, and if so you would you be interested in becoming our Green Team Coordinator (paid position)? If so, please describe your experience and at lease one reference for previous Green Team work.
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Is there a band you NEED to see? No guarantee is made that you will be able to see your favorite acts...but we will attempt to accommodate.
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Terms & Conditions
I recognize that as a volunteer, I represent the above organization to the public. I accept the responsibility for this status and will conduct myself in a professional manner. I will be clean and sober when conducting business as a representative of this organization.

I am aware that as a volunteer I expose myself to potential hazards which include but are not limited to: accidents, cuts, burns, back injury from lifting, car or cart accidents, property damage, or injury to others in car or cart accidents, falls, etc. Potential hazards have been explained to me. I am voluntarily participating in this service with the knowledge of the potential hazards involved and hereby agree to accept any and all risks of injury. As a volunteer, I am not covered by Workers Compensation and will have only the the protection of my own Health Insurance.

I agree that my assignees, heirs, distributes, guardians and other legal representatives will not make a claim against, or sue for injury or damage resulting from the negligence or other acts, howsoever caused, by any employee, agent, or volunteer contractor of the organization as a result of my participation as a volunteer. I hereby release Down on the Farm and Soap LLC from all actions, claims, or demands that I, my assignees, heirs, guardians, and legal representatives now have or may hereafter have for injury resulting from my participation as a volunteer.

I also agree to the following conditions:

- I am of the age 18 years or older
- I will never work a volunteer shift while under the influence of alcohol and/or other intoxicating substances.

In checking this box, I understand and agree to the above terms and conditions related to volunteering my services to Down on the Farm Festival. *
Requirement for Refund of Volunteer Deposit
A deposit of $80 (paid through PayPal) is required to volunteer. Your deposit will be due by June 30th, 2018 and will be refunded to you via Pay Pal after completion of your shift(s), within 2 weeks after the festival.
Volunteer understands that if the required amount of time is not met for reimbursement, the duties are not completed as requested, or supervisor feels anything has been done by Volunteer to jeopardize volunteer deposit reimbursement, the volunteer forfeits his/her reimbursement. *
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