5th Grade Orchestra Registration Form
Dear 5th Grade Families,

Thank you for your interest in joining our Worthington 5th Grade Orchestra program! This is the start of a very exciting musical journey for your child. Please complete the information below. Once your form is successfully submitted you will receive an e-mail with additional enrollment instructions.


The Worthington Orchestra Team:
Julie Ellis
Peggy Jones
Abigail McGreehan
Beverly Wedell
Lori Wright
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Instrument Fittings Description
Beginning violins, violas, cellos, and basses come in a variety of sizes so young students can learn an instrument with ease. As children grow, they can exchange their smaller instrument for the next size up until they reach a "full size" instrument. If your child is interested in playing the double bass, the 3/4 bass is considered full size.

All incoming 5th grade students will be fitted for an instrument that is a proper size for each child to play successfully. These fittings will take place on:

Monday, May 13 in the TWHS Auditorium
Monday, May 20 in the WKHS Auditorium
Tuesday, August 20 in the TWHS Auditorium (for those families that missed the Spring meetings or need resized)

Evening meetings begin at 7:00 pm, and you only need to attend one. If you are unable to make one of these fittings, a representative from The Loft Violin Shop can fit you at their store.

If your child is interested in more than one instrument, please list their first choice instrument below and add a second choice in the miscellaneous notes below.
Instrument Fitting: Indicate Size Needed *
Cello and Bass Students: School Instrument Use & Home Rental Lottery
Worthington Schools owns several cellos and basses. The school program will provide one for your child at school so the instrument does not have to be transported back and forth from home.

Cello and bass students still need to rent an instrument for home practice and performances. Once all the schools have instruments, the extra cellos and basses will be made available for rent from the school system for $45.00 a year.
Selection is done by lottery. If you wish to be included in this lottery, please indicate below. Lottery selection may not be finished until after the school year begins.
Cello/bass students only: Would you like to be included in the cello/bass school rental lottery?
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