Indoor Lodging Request Form for New Culture Fall Camp
The indoor accommodations at our site include:

- a beautiful and fully equipped 4000 square foot Lodge Guest House with 6 guest bedrooms
- a two-bedroom cottage house with full kitchen and laundry
- ten rustic camping cabins
5 cabins have electricity, and 5 do not.
Cabins do not have running water - cabin residents use portapotties and the shower house.
Cabins vary in size - all have lofts with one or two mattresses; some lofts have low ceilings.
Cabins have a variety of furnishings - all have beds, tables, chairs, etc.
Bedding and linens are not included with cabin spaces, but may be rented at $20 per bed.

You can see detailed descriptions and photos of the accommodations here:

In addition the site owns a motel located 3 miles up the road -- rooms in the motel have a private bathroom and two queen-sized beds.

You can reserve a bed for yourself or "take over" an entire room or cabin. Please fill out this form to let us know what indoor space you would like. Our housing coordinator will get in touch with you and allow you to select the appropriate space – we’ll fill requests in the order they are received!

Please also fill out the main registration form here:

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Here's how to reserve an individual bed. Bed spaces will be in the Lodge or in cabins – we have limited availability for specific bed types, so order soon or expect to be flexible on bed type. Again, priority for the Lodge or a cabin with electricity will be based on the order in which we receive reservations.
Individual Bed Request *
If you would like to reserve an individual bed, please click all the options that interest you.
What is your space preference? *
Please feel free to say more about your bed preferences here.
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If you requested a full bed/mattress/futon, queen bed/mattress, or private loft, and intend to share this space with one or more other campers, please give their name or names here.
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If you would like to be placed in the same room or cabin as specific other campers, please give their name or names here.
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You can also take over an entire Lodge room or Cabin!
Most rooms in the Lodge sleep 2-4 people and cost $190. One room can sleep 7-8 people and costs $390.
Cabins come in a range of sizes and prices, from $210 for the smallest (sleeps 3-4 people) to $375 for the largest, closest cabin (sleeps up to 8).
Motel rooms (3 miles up the road) are $270 for a standard (2 queen bed / private bath)
Entire Room/Cabin Takeover
If you would like to reserve an entire space for yourself and/or your tribe, please click all the options that interest you.
If you are requesting an entire cabin do you prefer electric or non-electric?
Please feel free to say more about your space preferences here.
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Special needs and preferences *
Do you have any special needs or strong preferences related to your indoor sleep space? Please check all that apply. If none, check "No special needs."
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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