HCSD K-6 Survey
Dear Families,
As we begin planning for the 2020-21 school year during these uncertain times we wish to gain input from you regarding your preferences for your child's education.  Following, you will find a short survey we would like you to complete.  Currently, HCSD has developed three plans for the school year:

1) Plan I is full distance learning.
2) Plan II is a Hybrid Model in which students will attend school Monday-Thursday for three hours a day in
two cohorts, an AM Cohort (8-11) and a PM Cohort (12-3). 

**As of 7/29/2020 we will be starting with Plan II.

3) Plan III is opening schools normally with enhanced safety precautions.

We would like your input on which cohort would best suit your family (AM or PM).  Please keep in mind that all bus students must attend the AM cohort due to transportation issues.  There is a possibility that additional students may attend the AM cohort.  We will do our very best to accommodate your requests, but please recognize there will be no guarantees for cohort placement. 

Additionally, the survey will ask if you are interested in a strictly distance education model (online) for your child.   HCSD has a fully online program called Innovations Distance Education Academy (IDEA). Students participating in distance education will complete all coursework online.  There will be a teacher monitoring student progress and available for interaction through Zoom.  Please indicate if you are planning on choosing this option. There will be a Parent Request form for the distance learning option available soon including the criteria for this program.  This criteria may include a time commitment, attendance, and adequate progress. Please note, this option is different and separate completely from Plans I, II and III described above.

You can learn more about IDEA by going to: https://www.hcsdnv.com/o/idea/page/idea-k-6th-grades

Please complete this survey by 12:00 PM on Wednesday, August 5, 2020.  This will allow schools time to assign students to the appropriate cohort and/or distance education program. Please look for additional communication from your child's school.

Thank you and stay safe!
K-6 Administrators
First Name of STUDENT *
Last Name of STUDENT *
First Name of PARENT *
Last Name of PARENT *
Please select the school your child will attend. *
Governor Sisolak's most recent Directive #28 mandates that all students K-12 wear masks. With this new directive, will you still send your child to school, within a school building? *
Does your child ride a bus to school? *
Does your child participate in special programs; IEP, ELL, 504? *
Grade of Student *
Are you interested in enrolling your child in distance learning through IDEA for the first semester? (https://www.hcsdnv.com/o/idea/page/idea-k-6th-grades) *
If you enroll your child at a school site and the opportunity arises to have them attend the distance learning portion of their day either onsite or at another location in town with supports, would you want your child to participate? ***This would not be a certified teacher, but it could mean your child could be in school all day if the space and personnel was possible.*** *
Cohort Preference *
Justification for Cohort Choice: Please let us know if you have specific reasons for choosing AM or PM. ***Preference for AM cohort will be those students who ride the bus to school. We will do our best to honor requests beyond that. *** *
Do you have other children enrolled in HCSD schools? *
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