Year 7 History & Geography 'Supporting Your Child In Their Education'
In Autumn Term 2 and Spring Term 1, the Humanities department gave out information sheets covering the topics to be studied in the following half term in History and Geography. Included were optional activities that parents could carry out with their child to help support their learning.

This survey is designed to gather parent feedback on how useful these information sheets have been and inform how/if we move forward with this in the Summer Term. Please can you take 5 minutes to answer the following questions:

Responses will be anonymous.

Did you read through the summary box of information with your child and discuss the questions posed? *
Did you practice the suggested spellings with your child? *
Did you ask your child the suggested questions on a weekly basis? *
Did you look at and discuss the assessment preparation advice with your child? *
Do you think the suggested activities were: *
Would you like to continue to receive these parent information sheets? *
Please feel free to make any additional comments which you think would be useful to the future development of these information sheets:
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