LUNA Song Book revision 2018
During last semester, LUNA's song books managed to run out. Due to this, the board of LUNA have decided to revise the current song book and we need your help!

The working group tasked with this include representatives from the mentor committee, the party committee and the gender and equality committee as well as the board to make sure that songs most commonly sung during events are included. But we aren't enough. If there are any new songs you want to add to the song book that aren't already in it or if you want to remove any songs, please tell us! Be sure to include the melody and lyrics in the form as well!

What new songs do you want to include in the song book? (Please include lyrics and melody)
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Are there any songs that you want to remove from the current song book? Please motivate why.
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Any other comments or input? This could be regarding art, design or anything you can think of that can help us to develop the book.
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