BH10 Workshop, Class, & DJ Invite
Hello Big Hearts!
Over the past 9 years we have had many powerful & playful workshops shared at Big Heart Dance Camp!
Thank you to all who have shared your gifts of presence, creativity, edginess, and PLAY!!
You have helped build a beautiful community. Big Heart is the highlight of some people's summer and sometimes even their year! Let's create an unforgettable 10th Birthday Bash!

As you know, this year I am not posting this out to the public but offering the invite to YOU and other special peeps because I would LOVE you to be part of the 10th birthday facilitators team!

BH10 is from TUESDAY, JUNE 19th to SUNDAY, JUNE 24th, 2018.
Location: Unicamp of Ontario, Honeywood

Please have your information filled out by Sunday, February 18th.
Please get your calendar out and make sure that the dates you are choosing to be at BH are actually free and open for you. Thanks in advance :)

*** Facilitator friends PLEASE make a copy of your Workshop offering. By the time BH10 comes around you may have forgotten what you offered to teach.***

Any questions?
Email me at

Hugs & Thanks,
FB - BigHeartDanceCamp

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THANK YOU! Excited you will celebrate BH's 10th Birthday w/ us!
Please send 3 fabulous photos of yourself (doing what you love) to - subject line: Photos & Your Name. Thanks!
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