Relationship satisfaction

On the scale below, choose the number that best describes the degree of satisfaction you feel in the various aspects of your relationship. The scale gradually ranges from the least possible satisfaction on the left to the greatest satisfaction on the right.
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    1. Communication and openness
    2. Resolving conflicts and arguments
    3. Handling of finances
    4. Sexual satisfaction
    5. Recreational activities and leisure time
    6. Sharing duties and household chores
    7. Raising of children (skip this if you have no children).
    Please enter one response per row
    8. Degree of affection and caring
    9. Relating to friends and relatives
    10. Intimacy and closeness
    11. Satisfaction with your role in the relationship
    12. Satisfaction with your partner’s role in the relationship
    13. Overall satisfaction with your relationship
    14. Overall satisfaction with your life and self
    Please enter one response per row
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