DOJGAMESHQ Enrollment/Re Enrollment Application
Welcome to DOJGAMSHQ which is an online law enforcement/emergency service role-playing Community on FiveM.  We currently operate the PC. We strive to provide a professional and realistic experience as can be done within our website and in FiveM.  Our members are expected to uphold themselves to the highest standards both in and out of game.

This Membership Handbook has been created for general membership within the community.  Each department will have their own policies and procedure manuals in addition to this Membership Handbook.  You are encouraged to read this Handbook in its entirety so you may understand what is expected of you as a member of the community.

Welcome to the entry level application for DOJGAMESHQ on GTA V. Thank you for taking interest.
You must meet the following requirements to be considered for DOJGAMESHQ:
1. Be 15 years of age. We do not accept those under 13 per the US FCC COPA Rule.
2. Have a working microphone, email and access to Teamspeak.
3. Have Acess to a Working PC that is Captiable of Runing a CAD Computer Aid Dispatch System (Unless you wish to become a remote dispatcher.)
4. Must be able to proficiently read, speak and write English.
5. Understand and agree to abide by our Rules and Agreements at if you are accepted.
6.If you do not meet these requirements, we encourage you to visit and choose a different clan.
DOJGAMESHQ Rules and Agreements:
ATTENTION: Lying on your application in any form, will call for your application to be IMMEDIATELY dismissed.
In addition, if you lie about military, public safety, or government work, we will red flag you with the help of other communities and prevent you from joining other communities.

[*] Be at least 15 years old.
[*] Owning a Gaming Computer that is capable of Runing Teamspeak,Five M Reborn and GTA V
[*] Must Own a Legitmate licence copy of Grand Thief Auto Five which can be Steam, Rockstar Warehouse, and Disc
[*] Must Have a Stable Internet Connection that can Run a FiveM server,Teamspeak and Discord.
[*] Must have Discord app downloaded.
[*] Must have Teamspeak app downloaded.
[*] Must be professional, mature, and polite to all members.
[*] Must pass verbal interview.
[*] Must pass examination based upon your branches that you are applying for.

DOJGAMESHQ has the reserved right to decline any memberships or applications if a member presents himself/herself to be a negative asset to the community. Members who violate the guidelines will be brought through a disciplinary system which could result in probation, suspension, or termination of membership based upon the seriousness of the infraction.

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