Domestic abuse & child custody cases
This survey was created to collect data about domestic abuse and child custody cases. It is anonymous, though you can add your name and email if you want further contact. I am collecting this information for an articles about domestic abuse and will not use anyone's name or identifying information. I will publish the results of the survey. If you want more information about me, please go to and my column Thriving in Crazy Land. And thank you for your assistance in trying to shine a light on a very important issue.
You are:
Your co-parent partner is:
You were the victim of domestic abuse by the hands of your co-parent partner:
Domestic abuse is defined as exploitive and controlling behaviors by one partner over another and can often include violence.
What forms of abuse did you/do you endure by the actions of your partner?
Please check all that apply.
Were you or are you still married to your co-parent partner?
Are you/did you share the same home?
Have you ended this intimate relationship?
How many children do you share?
Who is seeking/sought the end of the relationship?
Do you share physical custody of your children?
If yes, how many nights a month does your co-parent partner have physical custody of your children?
Has your original custody agreement been changed by court action since your divorce?
If yes, did your co-parent partner seek a change in the custody agreement by court action?
Was a motion filed in court, a lawyer hired, or a law suit filed?
Has your co-parenting partner sought any of the following 3rd-party intervention in a co-parenting issues since your separation?
Check all that apply.
Has your co-parenting partner ever threaten you after separation using the children in the threat?
Check all that apply or check none.
Was domestic abuse presented by you as evidence in your divorce or custody matters.
If yes, did any authority investigate the circumstance of the abuse or allow testimony or evidence on the abuse?
If you are separated/divorced from your abusive partner, are you still being abused by this partner?
Are you receiving any trauma therapy counseling?
Has your child witnessed or been the direct victim of any physical, emotional, financial or psychological abuse by the actions of your co-parent partner?
If yes, please check all that applies.
Is your child receiving trauma therapy counseling?
Are you satisfied with how the legal system treated your case?
Are you satisfied with the custody arrangement?
Would you like to add a comment?
Your answer
Do you think reform is need in the standards of family court?
Is there anything about your situation that you would like to share?
Your answer
If you would like to give your name and contact information, you may here. It will not be shared with any third party and will remain confidential.
Your answer
Is there anything else you would like to say about domestic abuse and child custody?
Your answer
What state was this case?
Your answer
What year did your court case first begin?
Your answer
Would you like to be a part of an email support group for victims of domestic violence?
If so, please add your email address here.
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