Bancor Whitelist Eligibility Questionnaire
This form is designed to help community members and project teams determine if their token satisfies the prerequisites for whitelisting, and should be completed prior to the written proposal. If these requirements are not met, the token cannot be whitelisted.
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What is the address of the token contract? *
What is the token's symbol? (or "ticker", e.g. BTC, ETH, etc.) *
Is the token contract verified on Etherscan? *
Is this a standard token from the OpenZeppelin library? (You will have an opportunity to describe any modifications if you answer 'Yes') *
 Does the token, or its associated protocol/project have administrative privileges (ownership, upgradability, emergency powers, etc.) ? *
Is the token pausable?
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Is the token an upgradable proxy?
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Is the token, or its associated protocol/project owned by an EOA? *
Is the token contract upgradable? *
Can anyone other than the token holders themselves (including owners/admins) burn a user's tokens? *
Does the minting of new tokens conform to the restrictions outlined in the whitepaper and the security audit? *
Does the token have a re-basing mechanism? *
Does the token apply a transfer fee? *
Are token transfers pausable? *
What proportion ('p') of the token supply is held by the top 10 wallet and/or contract addresses? *
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