ATD Chattanooga Annual Membership Survey
As part of our chapter, we value your insights about the ATD Chattanooga Chapter and would greatly appreciate your feedback about all aspects of our programs and services. This survey is open to both current, former, and prospective Chattanooga ATD members. We hope that you can take 5-10 minutes to complete this survey by October 18, 2019. Good News....once you have completed the survey you will have a chance to win an $50.00 gift card from Amazon.

David Cox
President, ATD Chattanooga Chapter
In General, please rate your satisfaction with the following ATD Chattanooga chapter activities. *
Very Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Needs Improvement
Monthly speakers and educational programs
Networking opportunities
Information about specific job opportunities
ATD National Benefits & Workshops
Additional Comments - Please share any ideas on how we can better meet your needs in any area.
How do you prefer to receive information about ATD Chattanooga activities? *
email from ATD Chattanooga
Visit ATD Chattanooga website
Social media (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter)
Chamber of Commerce
First Choice
Second Choice
Other (please specify)
Please rate your satisfaction with the following aspects of our monthly events. *
Needs Improvement
Meeting Communications, emails, announcements
Organization and management of meeting.
Meeting Facilities (e.g. room, seating, sound.)
Parking and Directions.
Food Quality.
Networking opportunities.
Meeting agenda.
Cost of lunch meeting ($15/Members | $25/Guest).
Please comment on how we can improve any aspect which you rate acceptable or below.
Please rate your response to the following statements. *
Strongly Agree
Strongly Disagree
It's fun, rewarding and valuable to be a member of ATD Chattanooga
I am pleased with the variety of volunteer opportunities at ATD Chattanooga
As a member I am confident about opportunities to get involved with chapter activities
I feel there are ample opportunities for my voice to be heard.
ATD Chattanooga leaders actively seek, listen, and respond to member needs.
Please add any comments that help clarify your responses above:
Please provide your feedback for the ATD Chattanooga quarterly newsletter. *
Have you ever received the ATD Chattanooga e-newsletter?
Do you find value in receiving the e-newsletter?
Would you like to receive a copy of the next e-newsletter?
Please add your comments and preferences about the newsletter.
How interested would you be in the following network opportunities? *
Completely Interested
Somewhat interested
A little interested
Not at all interested
15-20 minutes networking at the start of the monthly lunch events
Morning networking opportunity
Evening networking opportunity
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