Hi! We're looking for dedicated Street Teamers for each of the dates on our 2019 tour dates If you're interested in spreading the word about the show in your area to earn yourself a FREE ticket along with cool merch, then fill out the form below! You will be contacted if you are chosen for this tour, but we will also keep your information on file for the next time that The Broadcast comes to your town! As a member of the Street Team, you will be asked to complete the following:

- Hang 20 posters around your town (record stores, music shops, coffee shops, bars, street posts, college campuses etc.)
- Distribute handbills at relevant shows/events in the area
- Provide pictures of your work
- Join the Facebook event & invite your friends
- Complete several online posts (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
- Check in via email about your progress & provide pictures of your work

We appreciate your support SO MUCH. Without your help, we wouldn't be where we are right now and certainly wouldn't get to where we one day hope to end up! Street teaming is the BEST way to spread the word about bands you love, so we really want to say thank you from a serious place in our heart!

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