Brew a Beer - Distill a Gin - Make a Cheese
This, not too serious day, is all about joining in with brewing a beer, distilling a Gin, and making a cheese. This naturally will involve tasting and chatting and smiling. Because we are the Questionable Research Labs, I am sure things will be interesting and something experimental is sure to occur.
DATE: Saturday 16th Jan
LOCATION: The Barn, Harambee Rd Taiharuru (we will provide a map).
PARTICIPANTS: Questionable Research Labs adults/parents of members. Max 20(ish) of us.
Kids/Teens ok (though it's not their day). There is a swimming pool up the hill (20 min bush walk away). It is 5 min drive to the beach.
BRING: Happiness to match the informality of it all. Some togs if the beach or pool are a possibility. We will do a pot luck shared lunch, so bring something to add to that. It could be good to bring a random beer and cheese for tasting and to inspire our making. A donation of ($20?) towards supplies would be good.
THIS SIGNUP: Is important to know who might come and so we can email you directly
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