ETHBita Launch Airdrop (Free 149,999 ETB)
ETHBita (ETB) is off-chain to container for private on the ethereum Blockchain.
Token Name: ETHBita
Symbol: ETB
Contract address: 0xb8bba64714930c61e661d74f63bb1dab275164bd
Decimal: 18
Total Supply: 19,999,999,999

Airdrop instan : Donate a minimum of a 0.001 ETH to 0xb8bba64714930c61e661d74f63bb1dab275164bd, and get 299,999 ETB
if you want more, donate 0.01 ETH get 1,999,999 ETB+ bonus 999,999 ETB(end of july)

ETB already

Trade on Forkdelta :!/trade/0xb8bba64714930c61e661d74f63bb1dab275164bd-ETH
Trade on Etherdelta :

and will list on MERCATOX (VOTE )AND IDEX in end of july

Neyros Network launch Airdrop, All users will get 149,999 ETB, Refers friends to get extra 49.999 ETB for each refer with your telegram username

To be qualified for this airdrop, You have to follow the rules below:

all members must follow On Telegram: and
Follow on Twitter

and retweet :

and tag 5 friends


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ethbita ERC 20 ETHEREUM
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