Certified Local Contact Exam
Review the Certified Local Contact Course materials prior to taking this exam. The course materials may be accessed at http://bit.do/edcvhrs.

You must follow all instructions throughout this form. Be aware that some questions require you to choose one answer, while other will ask that you choose ALL that apply.

A passing score is 17/20 (85%). Incorrect entries may result in delays in processing your certification. If you do not pass the exam the first time, you must contact El Dorado County Planning and Building Department [(530) 621-5355] in order to re-take the exam. A VHR may not operate without a Certified Local Contact, and the permit will be withheld until a Local Contact that has passed the exam is associated with the VHR.

Please be sure that you are within 30 minutes travel time of the vacation rental prior to taking the certification course.

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