CANCELED BECAUSE OF WEATHER Multi-Faith Alliance Building with Yavilah McCoy
Thursday, March 15, 9am-11am, First Baptist Church
Getting Proximate: Developing and Maintaining Multiracial, Multicultural & Multi-faith alliances toward Equity and Justice
In these challenging days and times, where harmful patterns and practices around race and racism are increasing the need for action and dialogue among students across the country, how can students and campus leaders support the awareness, skill building and practice needed to develop and maintain meaningful allied relationships? What tools can faith communities utilize in engaging in dialogue across multiple and emerging political and cultural differences? What practices can we expand in Jewish faith space in order to welcome and explore the multicultural and multiracial diversity that characterizes the Jewish people? How can experiences within our faith community better prepare us to model racial equity and inclusion for utilization in broader environments? Join Yavilah McCoy for an interactive exploration of contemporary wisdom and current best practices for navigating multi-faith, multiracial and multicultural differences in 2018, in service of justice.

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