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Renewable Energy Committee - help guide policy and education on renewable energy, community solar, energy efficiency, and energy policy.
Policy and Advocacy - Minneapolis Climate Action organizes advocacy campaigns for policy, projects and initiatives focused on our climate crisis, embedded in principles of environmental justice and raising all voices. Minneapolis can be a leader in bold climate solutions that bring together neighbors, families and policy makers. And you can make it happen.
Zero Waste Committee - Zero waste action is climate action. The EPA states that “42 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are associated with the energy used to produce, process, transport, and dispose of the food we eat and the goods we use.” Zero waste action, culture shift and policy advocacy at the individual, business and government level are three ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Neighborhood Green Teams - Minneapolis Climate Action coordinates the Minneapolis Neighborhood Green Teams, quarterly meetings for neighborhood associations and their sustainability/environment committees to come together to share strategies to improve our communities through innovative climate action.
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