Tracking our support: Resource Generation campaign to move $1 million to Black led, Black liberation organizing
Please fill this out if you are an RG member or otherwise affiliated with the RG community. This includes family members and friends of RG members who have been inspired by RG's campaign to support Black-led, Black liberation organizing.  
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If things have changed since you first filled out this tracker, i.e. you initially pledged money and have since given it, please indicate here so our information is up to date. If you are updating your info regarding having given away money you previously had pledged, please write in the "other" option how much of the previously-pledged money you gave.
What is the total amount you have already given to Black-led, Black liberation organizing since August 9th, 2014? *
If you are unsure what "counts" as Black-led, Black liberation organizing, please read these guidelines ( Not sure what you've already reported? Email
What is the total amount you have pledged (but not yet given) to Black-led, Black liberation organizing since August 9th, 2014? *
Please note that pledges must be moved (donated) by the May 20th deadline to be included in this campaign. By "pledged" we mean any amount of money you have decided to give to Black-led, Black liberation organizing but for various reasons have not yet actually donated. (Once you actually donate the money, please fill out this form again to reflect the "total given" number going up, and the "pledged amount" dropping down, eventually to $0).
Please list the specific organizations, communities or individuals (under the banner of Black-led, Black liberation organizing) that you have already given to.
Please include the amount given to each organization in parentheses.
Have you (formally or informally) made a long-term commitment to funding Black-led, Black liberation organizing?
We strongly encourage any donations made to be integrated into your giving plans, and also recommend giving the same amount or more to the same organizations for at least 3-5 years (and telling them your plan to do so!). This supports the organization to be able to sustain and plan longer-term and is a key practice in being a communicative, responsible donor.
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Have you supported Black led organizing for Black liberation in ways that are not financial?
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Are you inspired by this campaign? Do you want to inspire others to give financially and get involved? See the opportunities below to join us in making this campaign a success!
The RG member leadership team of this campaign can support you to fundraise, write, organize, or otherwise get involved in this campaign. We are excited to have you in it with us!
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